The Graves Light

by Half Moon

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mediations on death and the sea


released September 10, 2013

all songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by justin ferraro

special thanks to Liam Martin for loaning out his mandolin, and to Micaeli Rourke for lending her violin.



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Half Moon New York

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Track Name: The Graves Light
out upon the ocean, sailing far from home, we plied our trade for fortune against the wind and foam. red sky at night - we left with the tide. now our tiny ship is thrown side to side. we were headed north when it all went south. if I ever see the Graves Light I'll never swear again.

I left you back in Boston. you said we'd have a son. I think about you often living on the run. a reoccurring dream: the sea takes my life. remember when I asked if you'd be my wife? you said you hated my sailor's mouth. if I ever see the Graves Light I'll never swear again.
Track Name: The Lighthouse Keeper
our tower burns in the night we were burdened by the light while others fell oh well the stranded clung to the rocks cold and cut off from the flock that sank below so slow I told my wife I'd find a better life we'd leave behind this stormy shore for more this job's a rope 'round the throat water's leaking in the boat we can't go on for long where are you I've seen the dawn turn away the moon's drowning in the bay we left our lives on the land footprints swallowed by the sand we won't be found I lived my life for the church lost it with a fatal lurch it's gone all wrong so wrong my daughter floats in reach can I breathe here once for three we are too small so small